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About Gardenripe

Bill and Janice Schiedler have been married for 34 years, and along with their children, Nathan, Celia, Cheri, and Bill's mom, Cel, started Gardenripe. Now that the kids are grown, Bill and Janice work with WWOOFERs to plant, water, weed, pick, package and deliver your produce each week. Our farm is located northeast of Silverton at 700 feet elevation. It has been owned by our family for almost 150 years and is designated a "Century Farm." In growing up on the farm, Bill has been involved with farming and, more importantly, gardening most of his life.He draws a distinction between farming and gardening, and Gardenripe is gardening! He enjoys the variety of work in a garden as compared with the commercial production of a single crop on the farm. If you like fresh, healthy produce, Gardenripe is for you! 



Community Supported Agriculture

My family and I invite you to join us in an arrangement called "Community Supported Agriculture" or "CSA". CSA provides a mutually beneficial arrangement between the farmer and the community. In exchange for financial support in the spring from you and other subscribers, we commit to provide fresh, healthy, locally grown produce throughout the growing season. Only organic fertilizers and natural pest and weed control methods will be utilized; no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides will be used. As a subscriber, you know how and where the food you eat is grown. I benefit by having a known outlet for produce before it is grown. This arrangement means healthier food for you and your family, and a better return to the farmer for my work so that I am better able to care for my family. It's a win-win situation! This will be the seventeenth year for our CSA which is based near Silverton and serves customers in Silverton, Keizer, and NE Salem.


How it Works

The delivery season for 2018 will be comprised of 18 deliveries IF strawberries are available before the first regular delivery. If the strawberries aren't available until after Father's Day (June 17, 2018), they will be included in the other 17 deliveries. For each of these deliveries you will receive one box of produce per week. Deliveries will be made to you in the late afternoon or evening on the same day each week for the duration of the season. Your box will contain a variety of produce based on your order. Each week we will pick up the empty box which was used for delivery the previous week, and exchange it for a box of produce. Your final regular delivery on October 8, 2018, will include pumpkins, as well as a selection of end of the season produce. 


Becoming a Subscriber

There is not an application process. Just send us an email with your name, address, and phone number. You can email us at At that time, Bill will confirm you live in our delivery area. We deliver to Keizer and the edge of NE Salem. If you aren't in our delivery area, you can have the option of coming out to the farm to pick up your share on Mondays after 4 p.m.


Salsa Time

When the pepper and tomato harvests are at their peak, there will be a "salsa time" at which time you will have the opportunity to come to the farm and pick 50 pounds of tomatoes and enough peppers, onions, and garlic for making salsa. I anticipate this beginning in late August, continuing through September and into October…I'll let you know. Salsa time is included as part of the cost of your share. It is a time that I hope you will take advantage of to come and see the farm as well as getting your produce for making salsa. It is up to you to find a time that you can make it to the farm for this produce. This is the only portion of each share that is not delivered.

We aren't always able to offer Salsa Time because of the weather. In the 14 years we've had to cancel Salsa Time in its official form four times. Instead, we picked all the tomatoes we had and divided them up between the shares. Because we did this, we were able to remove those damaged by the weather and we delivered about 30 extra pounds of tomatoes to each share. We also included the peppers and onions. We always enjoy sharing our farm with you and we miss that opportunity when Salsa Time is cancelled. Here's hoping to a wonderful growing season!



As an example: 2011 Year's Crop (17 Week Delivery Season)


In farming, there are no absolute guarantees. Every year is different, but I will commit to making my best effort to grow all items on your order, plus add a thing or two along the way. Following is a list of approximately what was delivered during a previous growing season. In 2006 the total weight of produce for the 15 weekly deliveries totaled over 400 pounds! (That’s not including the salsa time produce). Your order will be based on these items and you will receive an order form in late spring after committing to becoming a subscriber for the 2014 season. On your order form you will be able to remove items that you don't want to receive, diminish quantities of those you want to receive less of, and increase up to 5 items of which you would like to receive more, based on availability of course. I am willing to consider growing other vegetables (or additional varieties of vegetables that I'm already growing). If you have something you'd like to add, let's talk about it! We purchase all of the berries we deliver from Nanneman's Farm as noted below in the “Berries and option for more berries” section.



Cost Per Share

For the 2018 season, subscribers can make a one time payment of $500 or three monthly payments of $167.00. This will cover "salsa time" and the 17 week delivery season beginning the week of June 16 and ending the week of October 8as well as the early strawberry delivery. In 2006 with 15 weekly deliveries, over 400 pounds of produce was delivered through the year for each share. For the 2018 season with 17 weekly deliveries, there should be proportionally more produce delivered. We believe that the price of a share is an excellent value, especially when the freshness and quality of the produce and the fact that the produce is delivered to you are taken into consideration! Please realize that for new customers, space is limited and will not be guaranteed until receipt of your initial payment. As always, returning customers will be guaranteed a share of produce for the upcoming season.


Berries and Options for More!

We've made an arrangement with Nanneman's Farm to include three 10 pound flats of berries with your paid share. You will get to choose three flats of berries from varieties including strawberries, Marionberries, Kotata Blackberries, Boysenberries, and Blueberries. If you would like more berries than three flats of berries (included with your share) more can be purchased. Nanneman's do not grow their berries organically but use standard growing practices.


Splitting Shares

The quantity of produce you receive may seem to be a tremendous amount, and it is. You will likely need to plan on canning or freezing a significant amount of it in order to take full advantage of this opportunity yourself. However, there is another option for using all of this produce. You can split a share with a friend, neighbor, or family member. We have several customers who split the order three ways and some four ways. This will allow you to use most of the produce fresh and cut your cost in half, thirds, or even fourths!



Visit the Farm

If, as a subscriber or potential subscriber, you want to visit the farm, you are welcome at any time to see what's happening in the garden. My farm is located southeast of Portland near Mt. Angel. Just call or send an email to schedule a visit and get directions to the farm.



Is CSA Really For Me?

There are always subscribers who find that CSA is not for them.  The main causes of this in our experience are the large quantity and variety of produce delivered through the season. If you (and your share partners) do not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, (an average of more than 25 pounds each week, over 400 pounds for the season) and you do not intend to do any preserving, a CSA, at least, ours, is not for you. In addition, if you look forward to and like just a few types of fruits and veggies you likely won’t enjoy our CSA. While you receive the fruits and vegetables that you are familiar with and eagerly await each season, you also receive a large variety of other fruits and vegetables (see “2006 Crop). We do provide weekly recipes to help with these new items, but it does require a willingness on your part to try new and different things through the season.



WWOOFERS Information

We're now accepting applications for the 2018 season. Plan on working 4 hours each day.. The "application" is to send us a letter of interest. We are happy to accept your "application" by email.



Contact Us

If you have questions e-mail me at and I'm sure I can answer any questions you have. If you don't hear back from me within a couple of days, please feel free to e-mail again. Also, you should check your junk or spam folders in your e-mail software AND make sure your spam filter will allow e-mails from Gardenripe to get through to you.


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What Customers Say

"We're thrilled to be a Gardenripe subscriber. The quality, quantity and variety of the produce last year was amazing. Not only do we prefer to spend our food dollars to support a local grower, we receive far superior food than what we can get in the stores. To top it off, it's been great fun getting to know the family behind Gardenripe!" ~ Becky Boley


"We were very happy to be members of Gardenripe last season. Every week produced something new and tender. The quality was always great and the quantity tremendous. It's great to see someone take such pride in his work." ~ Bob & Jane Davies


"We haven't eaten so healthy, or enjoyed eating so much, in a long time! And there is so much food!
We split it with a friend and still had plenty!" ~ Jim & Nicole Davis


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